Here is some things about the girl.

Name:??? (Known as Me)

Age:?? (15?)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

She laughs all day and night because she's gone far off the deep end.

The main character of this game. A messed-up girl who wanders the other world searching for something. She was messed up since the start.

She is used to pain, both physical and emotional.

She is also used to see gore. After all, a taste of medicine does this.

She endures the insanity. She can't bring herself to die, because if she does, there won't be any salvation to her. She is damned, she hopes to go, she just does this because she does not know anything better.

She also won a stereo system from a raffle. Lives on an apartment at a little city. The rest of the world doesn't fare better than this city. It's destroyed, cancerous and corrupt. It needs to be erased.

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